Ein swyddogaeth yw rhoi gwybodaeth, cyngor ac arweiniad ar bob agwedd ar wirfoddoli i wirfoddolwyr a sefydliadau sy’n recriwtio. Gallwn recriwtio gwirfoddolwyr ar eich rhan os ydych yn grŵp gwirfoddol neu’n grŵp cymunedol, yn fenter cymdeithasol, yn Gwmni Buddiannau Cymunedol neu’n elusen gofrestredig.

Information about Volunteering

Mwy o wybodaeth am Wirfoddoli

Cyfleoedd Diweddaraf

Volunteer Supporting Victims of Crime

As a Victim Support Telephone volunteer aged 18+, we will train you to support victims from the first time you meet them until they feel strong enough to move forward on their own. You will listen to their concerns and make sure that their needs are met.

Telephone Recovery Support Volunteers

Volunteers aged 18+ are required to support our members and volunteers over the phone when, for whatever reason they cannot attend the centre or they need additional support.

Can you help as a Volunteer Driver?

The Greenlinks Community Transport Service is a friendly professional community travel service, providing low cost travel to individuals and community groups in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Volunteer as a Telephone Befriender

We have a variety of organisations looking for Volunteer Telephone Befrienders aged 18+. There are lots of older people and people with disabilities within our communities who would love some social interaction but are unable to go out.

Are You Thinking about Volunteering?

Want to volunteer but unsure what opportunity is right for you? Contact us and we can help! There is now a range of NON Covid-19 opportunity available for ages 18+ (some for 16+) which can include, charity shops, telephone befriending, driving, some outdoor volunteering, fundraising, remote support, shopping, sports chats, to name a few.

Deafblind UK are looking for Virtual Group Volunteers

Come and join the fun …. We need friendly, outgoing and welcoming volunteers to assist at our regular online group meet ups. We are looking for volunteers to support in facilitating small groups to enable our members to make the most of their time together, encouraging chat and opening up discussions so everyone gets a chance to participate. If you have BSL (British Sign Language) skills, we would love you to get involved with our online virtual groups for our BSL using members.

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