Ein swyddogaeth yw rhoi gwybodaeth, cyngor ac arweiniad ar bob agwedd ar wirfoddoli i wirfoddolwyr a sefydliadau sy’n recriwtio. Gallwn recriwtio gwirfoddolwyr ar eich rhan os ydych yn grŵp gwirfoddol neu’n grŵp cymunedol, yn fenter cymdeithasol, yn Gwmni Buddiannau Cymunedol neu’n elusen gofrestredig.

Information about Volunteering

Mwy o wybodaeth am Wirfoddoli

Cyfleoedd Diweddaraf

There are a variety of charity shops within the Vale of Glamorgan looking for volunteers to support them.

If you are a caring compassionate person, then we are looking for you. We require volunteers aged 18+ to help our older people with their shopping.

Do you have a warm, engaging manner? Could you sit and chat with a child or young person who is facing a life-threatening condition and find out what their one true wish is? We are looking for volunteers to visit children the children that are referred to us to discover their ultimate wish.

We have hundreds of organisations looking for volunteers to participate in various fundraising duties.

Volunteers aged 16+ are required to assist within this busy community cafe. The cafe is also used for community based activities and meetings and volunteers are also welcome to assist here if they wish to do so.

Volunteer drivers aged 25+ are required to transport members, some of whom have various disabilities, to various local venues. You, the driver can also participate in whatever or wherever the excursion takes place.

We are looking for volunteers aged 16+ help within our charity shop based in Cowbridge.

We are looking for volunteers aged 18+ to support our advice service.

Memory Walk is growing every year, and with more participants than ever expected in 2016, we need over 3500 motivated volunteers to help us at Memory Walks around the country. This takes place on Sunday 11th September.

There are programmes looking to start across the Vale to inspire more women to get back on their bikes as well as set-up community cycling programmes for young people. We are looking for volunteers aged 18+ to assist with these programmes.

Gweld yr Holl Gyfleoedd