Ein swyddogaeth yw rhoi gwybodaeth, cyngor ac arweiniad ar bob agwedd ar wirfoddoli i wirfoddolwyr a sefydliadau sy’n recriwtio. Gallwn recriwtio gwirfoddolwyr ar eich rhan os ydych yn grŵp gwirfoddol neu’n grŵp cymunedol, yn fenter cymdeithasol, yn Gwmni Buddiannau Cymunedol neu’n elusen gofrestredig.

Information about Volunteering

Mwy o wybodaeth am Wirfoddoli

Cyfleoedd Diweddaraf

Volunteers aged 18+ are required to support young people at meetings of the Vale Youth Forum and also when they are meeting with representatives of statutory organisations. Also to support fundraising activities.

Volunteers aged 18+ are required with Barry Ambulance First Responders to provide early life saving treatment / care to the patient; as called to do so by ambulance control; until the ambulance service arrives.

Volunteers aged 18+ are required to listen to children read to enable them to gain confidence, fluency and improved reading age.

We provide an independent counselling service to children and young people between the age of 10 and 18 in schools and the community. We want to enable children and young people to develop and reach their full potential. We currently have opportunities for volunteers who are interested in the role

Office assistants aged 18+ are required to support the Administration Staff at Palmerston Community Learning centre.

IMB members are independent and unpaid their role is to monitor the day-to-day life in the prison and ensure that proper standards of care and decency are maintained.

Our volunteers are trained to support families that have varying needs from poor mental health, physical disabilities, be claiming asylum/refugee, child disability, social isolation, bereavement … this is a non-exhaustive list and the support we provide is both flexible and individualised to the family’s we support.

This is a volunteer led organisation, based in Penarth, where all volunteers are expected to engage with families through ensuring their needs are met; having a chat and a cuppa with them and facilitating play opportunities for disabled children.

We are looking for volunteers aged 18+ to train our young people in boating (rowing, power, sailing, canoeing),adventure training, royal navy customs and drill, seamanship, stewards, first aid, and other activities.

If you are looking to gain some confidence, have a charity to heart that you would like to help, are looking to make new friends, this could be an ideal opportunity for you.

Gweld yr Holl Gyfleoedd